ayu's DIARY: ayu is overseas ^^

I've jet lag,
2009/06/25 19:51 | ayu

but I don't have time.

So, somewhat, I'm overseas, and I'm the lead in almost the same time, I'm happy.

My best friend Stan-chan, who always supports me in everything.

So, I'm fine now.

This, was took by Bancho.

Bancho's wooly(?) have tender feelings, I'm in the photo (*^_^*)

Oh, this rose quartz necklace, I bought it a while ago ♪ Is an amulet ♪ ♪ ♪

Now, I'm going to dinner all together.

A kago bag, caretaking. . . this is.

Today, even thouh the the power of the sun with a pai-pai I, since yesterday, have a gentel and powerful spirit.

From tomorrow I will become,,, invencible.

Creds: walking.proud@AHS


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