ayu's DIARY: 28/07/2009 - 29/07/2009

Get started!!!
7-28-2009 15h27

This is the fifth concert in Osaka! ♪
Are you ready to start? ♪


6th concert in Osaka!!!
7-29-2009 15h46

It was great yesterday!!!
Even before the curtain rose, we ruled that a strange warmth had arisen behind the stage! (^_-) ♪
Wow! Osaka power! lol
Today is our last day in Osaka!!
We will make this a great concert, for we will laugh, cry, sing, and dance together! ☆
Again, are you ready to start?
Ah, yesterday, I was looking for something. In fact, it was not one thing. I couldn't find it, I couldn't find it, I was so worried, worried... I almost gave up.
But, I found it, at the end of ends.
I was ashamed to have doubted, even for a moment.
I swear that I will not lose like this!
I firmly believe this!

Japanese-French translation by cy@AyuAngel.com
French-English translation by polka-dot-jewel@AHS


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