ayu's DIARY: 27/07/2009

Ah! More to post!
7-27-2009 0h10

Tomorrow I'm going to Osaka! ♪
To all of you who have waited for this postponed concert, thank you so much! We will finally see each other! (*^_^*)
Two dates in Osaka, right before a-nation. All of us here are very pumped, and we will cheer together, okay? ☆
And as for something special...???
Today, I drank three glasses of tea-momi in style!


The short summer...
7-27-2009 15h20

...begins ♪
How many memories can we make together? ♪
...I'm in good shape, while drinking my tea-momi. Hello! (Drink with me, too?)
Ah, tonight, we will start in Osaka! ☆
I fear that I will be exactly on time, with just enough time to catch the last flight...
As for Itami, it is not too late.
The heat is so much that, if it is true, that even though I am pleased we are there together, please pay attention to your health, remember to drink, do not wait too long outside, because I want to greet you with big smiles, ok?!!
Now I begin to play the mother hen lol.
Say, you do not want to light fireworks?
It will be fine... ok?
We WILL!!!!!
Ah, I finished my glass.

Japanese-French translation by cy@AyuAngel.com
French-English translation by polka-dot-jewel@AHS


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