Ayumis återvänder till Japan.

Ayumi har nu (10/1) landat I Tokyo igen. Hennes vistelse i Hawaii blev längre än påtänkt p.g.a. dåligt väder som påverkade photoshooten. Väl hemma säger hon att hon har haft det bra när hon har varit bortrest och angående sin bandagerade högra hand säger hon att den läker mycket bra.



The singer Hamasaki Ayumi (30) returned at nightfall on the 10th, from a flight on JAL at Narita Airport from a stay in Hawaii.

The image Hamasaki showed, who had just finished about a 9 hour flight, at the arrival gate, was from her nitted kap to her stiletto feet dressed in black. When asked "was it fun," she replied with a smiling face "yes." She stayed from the 5th (Hawaii local time 4th) for still photography, but "the weather was not that good, so the time was an issue." Also, the right hand which suffered a major injury and surgery, was still in a bandage. But, she grinned saying "The recovery is going favourably." In regards to her activities this year, she said "I want to be allowed to do things at my pace."

Source: http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20...000048-spn-ent
Creds: maikaru@AHS


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