ayu's DIARY 12/09/2009

12-09-2009 08h07

Well, once I open my message with a picture!
The class eh?
That's how I took it.

or so ...

This is the kind.
Yesterday, during our visit, the staff ayu with the dancers have completely monopolized an escalator.
Well, I pass on that which strikes a pose in the foreground.
I do not know why, seeing that, Chon san was a little nervous ↓

Seen from the other side! !
Chon san photography, laughing, and behind, the Prince also all smiles ☆

I do not see myself why this tension.
Well, as I told you, Kayanocchi has arrived has joined us.
You we put the photo Kayanocchi! ! I received lots of messages in that direction, so I made every attempt to satisfy them.
Of course, I've even done too much.
But anyway, I have been able to photograph such beautiful couple too, too rich, too much class, we were the first surprise! lol
This is the result!

I was wrong!
Well I put a good photo!
That ♡

Un .. two ... three ...
Too much class, eh?
It is great as my laptop!
Then to our table, we were given a huge glass of milk.
So that was really not in a mood or a frame to drink milk.
Indeed, in chatting with naked after we realized that, thinking he said "beer", the server has heard of "milk".
So we have to drink to the person who boasts of reading newspapers in English and who can not even order a "beer" lol

Yes, Maroni ...!
Then, by selecting the pictures that I post on this blog, I found it ↓

There's one that's weird, right?
Yes, Maroni ...!
When I saw it, I gasped lol
A photo taken like that, it was just a strange being that she is not trivial at all lol!
A picture of high lol
Me too from today I will ask class!
They form a "class team"! (what I tell myself? lol)
Finally, in full contemplation of the spectacle that night, Chon san and Kanako Miura Bancho san! ♡

Here the sun has almost completely disappeared. And at the same time, as to brighten your day with you, it begins to rise at home.
The strength to survive. 11.
Please remember ...

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story


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