Today's photo 598 - 605

Photos No 598: On the outside

of the concert hall, as I leave and return, here is how I saw everyone! (*ˆ_ˆ*)
I've seen you well! Thank you all! (*ˆ_ˆ*)
The second view is the entrance at the Nagoya Station. Wooooooow!
All well-aligned and behaving well, I'm really proud of everyone in TA!!!!!
Thank you all! (ˆ_ˆ)v

Photos No 599: You all have...

...beautiful, smiling faces!
You shine!
But you know... when I see someone crying, I, too, cannot help but have tears in my eyes.
And by seeing that, Amagedon also has tears in his eyes!
Here, we are like that ♪

Photos No 600: And again and again...

The fans of Nagoya are in great shape!!!!!
The second picture is on the platform. Again, there were a numerous amount of you waiting (*ˆ_ˆ*)

Photo No 601: The Shinkansen...

...could not wait, I could not receive the letters at all...
I am sorry (>_<)
But do not worry, everything was arranged for me to receive everything in Hokkaido!!
I read it all! (ˆ・ˆ)
All of Nagoya, go to the next month ♪♪♪

Photos No 602: Arrived at...

...Tokyo Station.
Because of the rain?
Aah, because I cause the rain, it is my fault?
Stop spinning around me! It made me laugh, too! lol

Photos No 603: Finally...

While this is the last train from Nagoya, and it is already late, but above all, despite the pouring rain, the fans in Kanto came in force! (*ˆ_ˆ*)
Ah! About that, I had plenty of paper bags lol!

Photo No 604: Again, finally...

Therefore, looking for Suba-sama!!!!!!!!

Photo No 605: I found...

Even behind a silhouette, he is recognizable!
Say, both of the MC teams, you do not use such hand signs. You think what?? lol

Creds: & polka-dot-jewel@AHS


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