TA Message 565-567

No.565 2009Wednesday, June 24 0:01

I'll try to be there now.

The! ! ! Broadcast live.

Can or not, it chon-san . . .

Come on, give it to.

No.566 2009 years Wednesday, June 24 0:34

Pole. . .

Peeling! ! ! ! ! ! !

It's just an error or why. . . pas child-san (T.T)

The original server
No.567 2009 years Wednesday, June 24 1:24

is an error. (Laughs)
"Or" the office staff, We are struggling. (Laughs)

After 30 minutes it will be done.

Wait and look forward (^_-)- ☆

What is it, nothing special, so I do not matter much, all the children better tomorrow morning, so it's OK to have someone from happening ♪

Everyone in the adult,,,

Or I'll have to wait. (Laughs)

He asked them to ITADAKITA (^_^) v ♪

Should I ever -? ? ?

Or, depending on both the content and mood of the day? ? ? I ~.

You take, you wait to return to workヾ(^_^)

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

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The demonstrators had also been chanting "There wont be a Cup" the rallying cry of the protest movement against the more than US$11 billion in government spending laid out for the tournament, which opponents say should instead have been used for education, health, housing and transport.
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Hamasaki Ayumi -Nu på svenska -
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