TA Message 559-560

As expected...
No 559 19-062009 01h19

... I am not mistaken, it is our Promised Land.

I can find even more words.

Yoyogi, pure madness! ! ! ! !

Seriously, I am worried about Saturday.
At any blows will break the floor! lol

No 560 19-06-2009 03h04

I just remember, this makes a bit of time I said it was necessary for him to talk about it.
Is small hobby Chonchan times.

"Omame Nii-yan Blog"

Exactly, is the blog of dancing 2-YAN.

It's fun or is not it, the phrases used are at least captivating...

Say, members of the TA, you do not want him to fall back together in a coup? lol

Credit: cy@AyuAngel & Tsubasa2591@AHS


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