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Leave me...
No 548 5-6-2009 22h40

...to justify!
What do you mean, is this what takes me? lol

No, it's that today, also, at the Haneda Airport, the numerous fans of Kanto came to accompany me. Thank you very much (*ˆ_ˆ*)

I was not hyper and calm???

Someone who questioned me: "You are sure you are okay (>_<)??"...
Seriously, I am veeerrryyyy well!!!

To tell you how well I am, in the car which led me to the airport, there was a song that I love, so I started to sing and dance!

But this unfortunate incident happened...

I was so excited that I completely forgot that I was sucking a candy close to my throat...

And poof! ヽ(ˆ0ˆ)ノ It was flying, and miserably landed in my hair.

You know, seriously, I think girls will understand me better than anyone, I think, you know how it is... when a sweet or chewing gum sticks in her hair...
On the road from the airport and beyond, I will see you all?
I cannot meet you with candy that hangs in my hair, huh? lol

Poof! Effortlessly...
I ripped it with force lol

But I almost panicked.

Very well...

...enough for my nose bleeds! MDR!

Was it seen? It was??? lol

And in fact, I was so concentrated that only my nose started to bleed more, at Haneda where Chon-san was particularly calm. (When the baggage gate control does not ring, my blood pressure tends to rise. But not today lol)


Sorry to be like this! lol

After hardly being on the plane, I rushed into the toilet, I wet my hair, I removed a few blood stains (lol), but fortunately, upon arriving at the Chitose Airport, Chon-san was ready to go, and I was able to meet all of those who came to greet me!

Whew! It feels super! d(ˆ-ˆ)

It was long, huh? (*ˆ_ˆ*)

Good!! Tomorrow, the first day in Makomania, where Shu-chan, Zin-san, and Rocky are from, I will go to the "Dekkaido" concert!

Let's put out the fiiiiiiiire!(ˆ_-)-☆

Creds: cy@Ayuangel.com & polka-dot-jewel@AHS


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