NYtt utseende på Ayu's blogg + 2 onummrerade inlägg.

"As ive said now she can post photos, theres a calendar to go to the message of a special day... before was different... all was in one block and you had to go to back pages to fins one day 10 by 10, couldn't go directly to page, for ex. number 10, you had to pas first the page 2, 3 ,4,5....

there's also a link to the recent enters and a link to go to the old diary, to be able to read past messages ^^ Also yo can search message by month, it's really usefull... i tried to search the first message of the blog and it was an endless search XDD

and the two new messages that haven't number:"

2009/06/24 01:10 | ayu

Hair and makeup done, dressed in costume,,,

There? ? ?

Sorry not everyone preservation.

Sorry speckle. . .

Then again,,,

A ♪

Nail Team ♪

I haaaaaaave Zac Team and Gori ♪

Relative to, the carrier will come and shooooooooot.

Oh, this is what we point out. . .

Handcuffs, I, a great tan (^_^

She takes,,,
2009/06/24 02:02 | ayu

some time, had nymph up safely.

Everyone in the office, thanks (*^_^*)

To write before, "the old ayu's Diary" to go click it, where do I see.

Creds: walking.proud@AHS


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